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Tony Wright NZL

Hi all, Just joined today. I have been involved with Landies all my life, Dad started it with his time on Christmas Island doing his national service in the 50s. We had an early series 2 diesel in Devon in the 60s.We emigrated to New Zealand 1968 and dad bought the 1957 stationwagon that I own now.I have owned a lot of Landies over the years and have 4 at the moment.I have had 5 Rangies over time and just bought a 2002 L322 HSE.

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Bob Hausmann USA

I have a fairly loud rattle when I start off my Series II ('59) LR in first gear but rarely in the shifting transition between first and second. If I give it a little more gas than usual (a kind of slipping the clutch), there is no noise. Any ideas of what is going on?

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Matt Matt. ZAF

It has been announced here that the Land Rover Defender will not be continued anymore after a stretch of 68 years in production. Very heart rending news...! Will this be an end to an era...? What is coming up next...? What I did notice is that the present Defender has leather bucket seats. Apparently the new generation will be more advanced with modern electronic attributes, to compare to any other modern vehicle....?

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Pieter Booyens ZAF

Piper is a Land Rover 110” Forward Control Series IIB manufactured in Solihull, England by Rover-British Leyland U.K. Ltd. According to the records obtained of Land Rover chassis numbers, Piper was manufactured in March or April 1969. She is a series IIB with a 6 cylinder petrol engine and came as a completely knocked down kit with right-hand drive for the export market. The whereabouts of Piper since April 1969 to 1977 is still unknown. We are not sure whether she was exported directly to South Africa or whether it has been to somewhere else. We were only able to pick up the trail ...

Scott Edwards USA

Fly Screen Install 1
Working on adding the Fly Screens which were missing as purchased. Bought some vintage screens off an ebay seller from the Netherlands. Took them to a radiator shop for them to hit the aluminum with some caustic to brighten them back up. Turned out great!

John Wylie NZL

So Belle is all back together with only minor repairs to chassis, steering and brakes. Chassis has been painted and sealed. What I did discover, having been told it was a 2.5 from a 110 when I bought it is not true, it is the original 2.25, 5 bearing diesel! Excited and looking forward to her being back on the road.

Jeff R USA

I finally got back my Land Rover Series III after a 3 year restoration. The vehicle looked and ran like new. In fact, it looked better than new. I bought this LR new in 1974, so I know what new looked like. I figured that nothing can wrong now. No more breaking down in out of the way places, and no more worrying about it getting started on those cold winter mornings. After driving anywhere I could the first day back, I parked in the garage (it will now be garaged as opposed to living outdoors as it had been for the last 40 years), looking forward to the next day of adventure. As luck wou...

Terry Gogerty GBR

I have a W registered Stage One Land Rover, it was 1st registered in September 1988, even though it was manufactured in September 1980. It is all original even though it was 'farm painted' white. I took it to the coast at Cleethorpes towing a 1970's caravan. My Stage One, when it got stuck in traffic - soon got out of it, just had to drop it down a gear and floor it! It almost 'flew' by the slow traffic, and woke up a few drivers with the roar of its V8 engine! I had bought it to ' off road ' , although it doesn't like deep water, as the fan throws water UP the base of the distributor...

Ted Naanes USA

on Saturday, August 18, my wife and two dogs adventured to Kamas, Utah in the Unitah mountains. After a pleasant lunch we traveled to the Smith Morehouse reservoir in the area where they filmed most of the movie Jeremiah Johnson. We then ventured from the town of Midway to the top of the mountain above Park City and then down Big Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton Ski Resort and then back to Salt Lake City. It was a beautiful day and Bob performed in his usual "get there" Land Rover fashion. :-)

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